About Cloud 9 CrossFit

Cloud 9 CrossFit is Warren County’s premier CrossFit affiliate established in May of 2013 and is located in Phillipsburg, NJ. Our facility is fully loaded with everything needed for a fire breathing CrossFit experience.

Our priority is ensuring our members are getting the results they want while having fun doing it. When we strip people down to their most basic needs, besides food and water, one can argue that family, friends, and fitness are essential for a happy and healthy life. We like to believe members can find all these things here. Joining into Cloud 9 CrossFit is always a welcoming experience. It comes with a community who surrounds each other with support and encouragement.

All our classes are an hour long session. Every time you walk through the box doors, something new and fresh will be thrown at you. Every athlete has strengths and weaknesses and our job is to seek them out and build upon them. The classes are typically limited to 12-15 people to allow for better coaching attention.

All our coaches are highly qualified and experienced in coaching multiple disciplines. There are three primary responsibilities of a coach, to educate, to inspire, and to entertain. Each class is overseen and conducted under the watchful eye of a coach. They are there to ensure the movements are being done safely and efficiently, as well as controlling the flow of the class. New skills are consistently being taught and with our diverse staff, we cover everything! Some days are harder than others, and the coaching staff at Cloud 9 CrossFit will be there to squeeze every last drop of will effort into your workout.

Chuck Makatura

Owner/Head Coach

Qualifications: Level 2 CrossFit Trainer, CrossFit Weightlifting, CrossFit Kids, Active CrossFit Competitor, Speed and Explosive Football Training, Former Collegiate Football Player

Chuck Makatura Chuck Makatura

The way I see it, I’m the luckiest guy in the world. I have two beautiful kids, a perfect wife, and get to do what I love every day…CrossFit! In addition to playing college football, I hold a degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University and have an extensive background in athletics sports training, Olympic Weightlifting, and of course, CrossFit.

​It was during my football career in college that I was introduced to Olympic weightlifting and began to understand power and explosiveness. It wasn’t long after graduating from college that I needed to do something different… the typical gym wasn’t cutting it. I was trapped in limbo where mirrors, egos, and treadmills flooded the gym. I was bored. Finally, I was introduced to CrossFit and I tried one of the online workouts in my garage. I remember thinking how easy it looked and gave it a shot. Twelve minutes into the workout, I was gasping for air, crawling on the floor in a pool of sweat, trying to muster enough strength to stand. I was officially hooked.

​Today, I’m the proud owner of Cloud 9 CrossFit and take pride in what we’ve established. I wanted a place where the beginner could feel welcomed and the elite could feel humbled. It’s an awesome thing to change your life, but what’s even more incredible is seeing others change theirs. This is why Cloud 9 is the best gym on the planet. Whether I’m in an 8000 square foot gym, a parking lot, or a home garage…I will never stop training people who want to change their life! It’s way more than a job, it’s a passion and doing what’s right.

Cloud 9 Staff

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Coach Chris

Chris Chris
Qualifications: CrossFit L1, USAW & Head Coach WCBC, and CrossFit Judge

Coach Ryan

Ryan Ryan
Qualifications: Crossfit L1, USAW, and CrossFit Judge

Coach Kristen

Kristen Kristen
Qualifications: Crossfit L1 and CrossFit Judge

Coach Christina

Christina Christina
Qualifications: BS in Kinesiology, Minor in Health Sociology, Health & Physical Education Certification K-12, CrossFit L1, CrossFit Judge, and CrossFit Competitor

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