Workout 1.1.17

Nickname: A strong start. But can you maintain?

Cloud 9 CrossFit – CrossFit


Before class starts as soon as you arrive, walk 4 lengths of the gym with a kettlebell 50/35

1 length farmers carry right arm

1 length farmers carry left arm

1 length front rack right arm

1 length front rack left arm

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5 min emom

3 kb cleans 50/35

3 shoulder presses

3 front squat

*each arm


Metcon (Weight)

The team power clean ladder

min 1: 14 reps

min 2: 12 reps

min 3: 10 reps

min 4: 8 reps

min 5: max reps
You and your partner decide on the weights for each round. Choose a challenge but be realistic keeping in mind the movement and rep scheme. You may split the reps however you want and the minimum weight incrememt is 10 lbs as the rounds go. Min 1 should be moderate and min 5 should be heavy. Weight of all successful rounds is added together for the score.


12 min emom

7 American kb swings 70/50

7 American burpees

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