Workout 5.11.17

Nickname: “Everyday is a good day” -Lani Rick-

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Hinshaw Warm-up!

Specific Warmup

Deadlift Review


5:00 EMOM

5-10 deadlifts increasing each round towards game weight


Metcon (Time)

For Time

21 Deadlifts 225/155

400m Run

18 Deadlifts

400m Run

15 Deadlifts

400m Run

12 Deadlifts

400m Run

9 Deadlifts

Deadlift= loading, reps (18-15-12-9-6)

Run= Distance, a mono structural movement lasting about 90-120 seconds, run should not take more than 2 minutes.

Stimulus: 14-20 Minutes

Moderate deadlift loading (shouldn’t have to resort to singles), Quick runs, but not a sprint, in the door and on the bar.


Metcon (Distance)

Partner Farmers Carry

5 Min max distance with a heavy dumbbell. One person works while the other follows and rests. (inside or outside)

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