Workout 2.26.14

Nickname: The Big EZ…

Main – CrossFit

Eric Hoke (an OG C9C’er) is moving to New York and we want to see him off properly! Please join us in WOD-ing for our Dude, EZ!

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1 Round

10 GHD Situps
Walking Samson Stretch- 1 length of gym
10 GHD Hip Extensions
Walking Straight Leg Kicks- 1 length of gym


10 Minutes Mobility:
Hamstring Stretch- Posterior Chain Floss 10 ea leg

Psoas Stretch- Banded Hip Single Leg Squat 10 ea leg


Metcon (Time)

With a 16:00 Time Cap:

10 Deadlifts, 75% 1RM
20 Front Squats, 65% 1RM
30 Shoulder to Overhead, 65% 1RM Push Press
40 Thrusters, 45/45
500m Row

Using 1 Bar, strip weights for each movement.

Feature Video

Phil’s Journey For A Better Life