Workout 6.15.17

Nickname: Go home gravity, you’re drunk

Cloud 9 CrossFit – CrossFit


Team Junk Yard Dog (3-4 person team)

100′ Sitting

100′ Under/Over Bridge


Upper Body Stretch, Coach’s Choice


Ring Dips

-Review Scaled options

-Review Kip

-Class finds their scaled version during this time


Metcon (Time)

For Time

500m Row

50 Push-ups

1000m Row

40 Deficit Push-ups (hands on 45 plates, chest to floor)

2000m Row

30 Ring Dips
Stimulus: 18-22 Mins. Pick a scale that allows no more than 5 sets per mov’t. Goal is to maintain same pace on all 3 rows.


Option 1- 30 PUs, 20DPU’s, 15 Banded dips

Option 2- Knees for all push-ups, Jumping or standing ring dips, same rep scheme as RX


Not For Time

50 Ab Rollouts w/ barbell

50 weighted sit-ups

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