Workout 5.24.17

Nickname: Grip it and rip it!!!

Cloud 9 CrossFit – CrossFit


Review Strict Press with class

-Stance is hip width

-hands just outside the shoulders

-bar in front, resting on the rack or shelf created by the shoulders

-elbows down and in front of bar, elbows are lower than in the front squat

-tight midsection

-closed grip, with thumbs around bar

12:00 EMOM

3 Strict Press ascending weight

no measure…start light. Advanced athletes pick bar up from floor, beginners from rack

Specific Warmup

2 rounds of 10 unbroken reps of the following

Kettlebell swings (find game weight)

Dumbell/KB push press

calorie row

rest several minutes…discuss other scaling options for wod


Metcon (Time)


Kettlebell swings (50/35)

DB/KB Push press 35/20

Calorie Row

Option 1: Load

Option 2: load, reps for calories only (21-18-15-12-9)

Stimulus: 12-18 Minutes, goal is largely unbroken sets, pp needs to be a pp not a push jerk!


Fish Game…beat Phil’s high score

Feature Video

Phil’s Journey For A Better Life