Workout 6.3.17

Nickname: Holy Abdominals, Batman!

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Pizza Game with Abmat!

3 Rounds of 1:30 each. If you drop or someone hits your abmat, perform the penalty prescribed for that round.

First Round: Penalty for dropping abmat, 10 sit-ups

Second Round: Penalty for dropping abmat, 10 Pull-ups or ring rows

Third Round: 6 Burpees

Specific Warmup

1) Review GHD Sit-ups as a class.First time athletes on GHD should learn how to set it up and then practice range of motion only a few inches back, not half or full range of motion.

2) Pull-up progressions. Jumping, Kipping, butterfly. Then intermediate athletes perform 3×5 pull-ups at game prescription, advanded 3×10.


Metcon (Time)

With a Partner

2 Rounds

80 GHD Sit-ups

80 Pull-ups

Break up as needed. 1 person works while the other rests.
Stimulus: NOTE!!!! high volume GHD Sit-ups have been documented in cases of Rhabdo…don’t be cocky, today. It’s suggested that if athletes have never accumulated 80 reps or more on a GHD that they automatically sclae to 60 per team. Time Frame is 12-18 Minutes, find a pace that allows you to transition smoothly with maximum intensity. SAFETY FIRST!


Options 1:60 GHD/60 Pull-ups

Option 2: 100 sit-ups/30 Pullups

Option 3: Custom, note in wodify

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