Workout 6.30.14

Nickname: It’s Always Sunny in P’Burg

Main – CrossFit

Hey guys, make sure you’re hydrating and getting those nutrients in. It’s going to be a toasty one outside.

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10x Ring Rows
10x Ring Dips
15x Leg Swings (per leg)


Review and spend 15 Minutes on Muscle-Up progression


Athletes will run with the KB.
The KB may not be rested on the ground or any other surface until the workout is completed.
The penalty for putting the KB down will be 30 burpees.

Metcon (Time)

4 Rounds for Time:

20 KB Alternating Clean and Press (35/20)
400m Run

Cool Down/Recovery

Shoulder Mobility –
90-90’s and Arm Sweeps

Olympic Wall Squats (Banded if possible)

Feature Video

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