Workout 8.3.14

Nickname: Jello Legs

Main – CrossFit

We are starting a new format for our WOD.
C= Competition: for the athlete who can perform movements to standard and handle the prescribed weight.
P= Performance: for the athlete who can perform most movements but may need to scale or modify to complete the workout efficiently.
F= Fitness: for the novice who needs work on basic strength, bodyweight movement.

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EMOM for 9 Minutes:

Minute 1-
C- 15 Regular Pushups
P- 10 From Knees
F- :30-:45 Plank Hold

Min 2-
C- :30-:45 L Hang Hold
P- :30-:45 Knees Up Hold
F- 10 Knee Raises

Min 3-
C- 40-50 Double Unders
P- 60 Singles
F- 45 Singles


Back Squat (3-3-3-3-3)

Use 75-85% of your 1RM the whole time, try to take no more than 2 minutes between each set.


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

4 Sets for Max Reps:

1:00 Alternating Reverse Lunges, back rack
C- 155/115
P- 135/95
F- 115/75
1:00 Rest

1:00 Pullups
C- Strict
P- Negatives
F- Ring Rows
1:00 Rest

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