Workout 10.21.16

Nickname: Ladies 10/21

Cloud 9 CrossFit – Ladies Only


1 Round of Cloud 9 Warmup


10:00 on the clock to cycle through:

10 Box Dips (elevate the feet on a small box for a challenge)

30s GHD Back Extension Hold

12 Heavy Goblet Squats


25:00 EMOM

Minute 1 (Station 1): 10 Hanging Straight Leg Raises

Minute 2 (Station 2): 30s Jump Ropes

Minute 3 (Station 3): 30s Rower Sprint

Minute 4 (station 4): 30s Wall Balls

Minute 5 (Station 5): Rest

– If it is a big class, we can have a few people at each station. Start anywhere you want but go in order!

Feature Video

Phil’s Journey For A Better Life