Workout 6.6.15

Nickname: They must have hyperjets on that thing

Cloud 9 CrossFit – CrossFit


Junk Yard Dog (No Measure)

Reference Mike Burgener…

Or ask a coach

2 rounds of 5


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

“Light Speed”

6 min for reps:

Partner med ball squat toss 20/14

2 min rest

“Ridiculous Speed”

6 min for reps:

KB halos 50/35 while partner holds handstand

2 min rest

“Ludacris Speed”

6 min for reps:

Double unders while partner holds weighted plank 45/35
Teams of 2. The score for the workout is all 3 amraps combined. For “Light Speed” partners need to be at least 1 panel apart. If the med ball hits the floor its 5 burpees for both partners. For “Ridiculous Speed” and “Ludacris Speed” the reps only count if the second movement is being held. If you can read this you don’t need glasses.


If you can stick around I’ll lead you in a good total body mobilty exercise. Otherwise, may the Swuartz be with you!

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