Workout 6.1.17

Nickname: Mrs. Barbella

Cloud 9 CrossFit – CrossFit


Junk Yard Dog

1:00 Jumping over partner with arms out (then switch)

1:00 jumping over planked partner, then crawling under (then switch

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Review Power Snatch

Review Power Cleans


Metcon (2 Rounds for weight)

10 Min EMOM

2 Power Snatches

Rest 1 Min

10 Min EMOM

3 Power Cleans
Stimulus: Heavy Day. Goal here is to increase weights across all sets. More advanced athletes aim to maintain 70%+ on all sets. Does not have to be touch and go.


Option 1: take time to work with really light loads…use this as a skill day, ignore the clock!

Option 2: Work on Pulls only, Maintain locked out arms and perform 2 Snatch Pulls/3 Clean pulls. focus on close bar path and violent hip extension!

Option 3: Drink a beer (unless your under 21, then just order pizza) and hang out!

Score the highest “successful” 2 snatches and 3 cleans


3 Rounds Not For Time

10 Bent over row 135/95

10 Weighted sit-ups w/ KB, DB, Plate, etc

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