Workout 1.28.17

Nickname: Negative Ghost Rider…..the pattern is full.

Cloud 9 CrossFit – CrossFit


150′ Straight Leg Kicks

150′ Butt Kicks

300′ Shuttle Sprint (80%)

5 Sandbag Get-ups per side


Metcon (Time)

Maverick and Goose
*with a partner for time

80 Knee-to-elbows

80 Wall-balls 20/14#

80 Mountain Climbers

80 Double-Unders

80 Hand Release Push-ups

80 Partner Squats

*Only one partner may work at a time to accumulate rep totals. Non-working partner will carry one sandbag on each shoulder. The only reps that may count are those completed while your partner is carrying the sandbags. Integrity folks!

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