Workout 7.11.17

Nickname: Or Sweet Caroline

Cloud 9 CrossFit – CrossFit


3 Rounds Not For Time but there is an 8:00 time cap

10 Leg swings each leg

10 walking lunges

10 Air squats

10 push-ups

10 good mornings

10 power snatch

Specific Warmup

Rreview rope climb as class then Rope Climb Progressions

EMOM Style (sever reps or about 20-30 secs of work

1) Pull to stand

2) Jump and Hang

3) Jump and wrap

4) Jump, wrap, and stand

5) Climb

If you get stuck on any of the progressions, that may be a good scale option for today.


Metcon (Time)

30 Rope Climbs for time

*20 Minute Time Cap
Stimulus: 15:00ish Keep a consistent pace.


Option 1- 30 climbs as high as possible in 2 pulls

Option 2- 10 Rounds, 3 Pull to Stand, 6 K2E or HKR

Feature Video

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