Workout 1.26.17

Nickname: Pam or Pamb? With a B? like Comb?

Cloud 9 CrossFit – CrossFit


2 rounds C9C warmup

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Foam Roll or smash quads


Couch Stretch


Metcon (6 Rounds for reps)

Tabata Ring Push-up

1 Min rest…

Tabata 2-fer-1 wallballs 20/14

1 Min rest…

Standing Arm Swings

1 Min rest…

Tabata GHD Hip Ext

1 Min rest…

Tabata Tuck Jumps

1 Min rest…

Tabata Straight bar curls 45/35 (because beach season)
Score lowest round for each of the 6 tabatas separately.

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CrossFit Class Workout