Workout 9.3.16

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Clean and jerk variations and efficiency


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

8 min for rounds and reps

Tier 1

10 c&j 80%bw/50%bw

10 air squats

Tier 2

10 c&j 90%bw/60%bw

10 alt lunges

Tier 3

10 c&j 100%bw/70%bw

10 alt pistols


Metcon (Time)

7 min EMOM

3 kb cleans 50/35

3 kb presses

3 kb front squats

…after the 7th min, immediately complete for time

20 goblet squats

20 push ups

20 alt kb snatches

20 strict pull ups

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