Workout 11.5.16

Nickname: Sidekicks

Cloud 9 CrossFit – CrossFit


Complete before class starts:

150 single unders

75 double unders

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6 min Emom

Odd min : reverse tgu+2 strict press

Even min: 10 goblet squat+prying hold for 10 sec


8 min emom

Bench press 4 reps @ 65% 1rm


Metcon (Time)

Partner workout for time:

20 thrusters 135/95

600m run

40 thrusters 95/65

400m run

60 thrusters 65/45

200m run
1 partner works at a time on thrusters. Both partners do the run. You dont have to start the run at the same time but must finish each run before the 1st thruster of the next round.

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