Workout 11.21.14

Nickname: TeamWerk

Cloud 9 CrossFit – CrossFit


Metcon (Time)

2 Person Teams

For time:

(Movement/Core Skill Hold)

75 Wall Balls/ Wall Sit with plate on lap

75 Pullups/ Plank Hold with plate

75 KB Swings/ 75 Ab Mat Situps

75 Box Jumps/ Hollow Hold

75 Cal Row/ 75 L-Hang Leg Raises

-1 Person is working on the movement, 1 person does the core skill.

– Must finish one Movement/Core combination before moving onto the next.

– Person working on movement cannot start until the core hold begins.

– Movement stops when the core hold stops.

– Switch between the 2 to complete the reps.

C: 20/14lb wall ball, 45/25lb plate, 50/35lb kettle bell, 30/24″ box

P+F: 20/14lb wall ball, 25/15lb plate, 35/20lb kettle bell, 24/20″ box

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