Workout 5.19.17

Nickname: The faster you travel through space, the slower time becomes.

Cloud 9 CrossFit – CrossFit


3 Rounds

4 Double Fairy Jumps (2 each leg)

-or 8 regular

bear crawl 30′

Specific Warmup

Double Under Progressions

1) jumping no rope (hold hands at side as if you’re holding an imaginary rope and spinning it)

2) single unders (focus on a slower rpm so you can double up.)

3) 2 single unders + 1 double under

4) double unders…go for it!

*if you have double unders, do the same progressions for triple unders.

Optional: If class is 6+, play pizza game with abmats. Penalty for having abmat knocked down is 20 double unders or 20 singles.


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds)

20 Minute AMRAP

50 Double unders

100′ walking lunge

100′ bear crawl

Option 1:

-Max double unders in 60 sec.

Option 2: 2x singles, 75′ walking lunge/bear crawl

Option 3: Customize, note your scaling in wodify

Stimulus:7-9 rounds. Long, Grinder, but constant movement. Skill should not be the limiting factor. Advanced athletes are challenged to go unbroken on lunges and bear crawls.


Foam roll calves/feet or mash with baseball

Feature Video

CrossFit Class Workout