Workout 5.3.17

Nickname: The hard is what makes it great

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As a class

90/90 and arm sweep shoulder mobility with the roller

20 sec front support in the rings

20 Sampson stretch


***coach spotlight***

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

12 min emom

Odd min: 3-5 muscle ups

Rx+ strict, scaled 5-10 ring rows + 5-10 ring dips

Even: 5-10 kettlebell snatches each arm 50/35

Rx+ 70/50, scaled 35/20

3 min rest

10 min emom

Odd min: 10-15 knees to elbow

Rx+ toes to bar, scaled knee raises

Even min: broad jumps over a panel for reps (2 foot take off, 2 foot landing)
This is a skill day. Those who are close to a muscle up on either rings or the bar should not worry about reps and spend 50 sec of the muscle up minute trying to get it. If you would like to try and string together toes to bar without worrying about your score, this is the day. Thursday is a high intensity day. Take advantage of the opportunity to find a flow in these movements.

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