Workout 5.5.17

Nickname: The poise of the jedi and the rage of the sith

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anterior shoulder and pec major/minor ball smash against the wall (2 min per side)

20 tempo push ups (2 sec down, hold for 1 sec, 2 sec up)


Metcon (Time)

Partner workout for time:

100 cal row

100 bench presses 155/105

Rx+ 185/135, scale 115/85

100 cal row
One person works at a time. Split the reps however as long as they are even at the end. No clips on the barbells and must be spotted while going.


***Coach Spotlight***

There was a high volume of gymnastic pulling this week depending on the days or came in the gym. If you are sore around your shoulders or back DO NOT do the cashout. Instead mash those muscles with a ball. If you are feeling ok in this region, go for it!

4 rope climbs, Rx+ legless, scaled – set up banded apparatus off the bar so you can hold a bent arm hang for 20 sec/15 sec/10 sec/5 sec with same rest each set)

2 min rest

3 rope climbs

1 min rest

2 rope climbs

30 sec rest

1 rope climb

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