Workout 5.2.17

Nickname: The three terrors of the fire swamp

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As a class, 2 rds of:

20 sec dead hand on a bar

10 scapular pull ups

10 sec handstand hold

15 air squats to a ball


Coaches, please allow time for athletes to do a few reps of each movement at set weight/difficulty before the clock starts.

Metcon (Time)

For time:


Pulls ups (rx+ c2b, scaled jumping)

Goblet squats 50/35


row for calories

s2oh 115/85 (rx+ 135/95, scaled 75/55)


squat clean 135/95 (rx+ 155/105, scaled 95/65)

200m run each round
After finishing the first couplet, move right into the second, then right into the third for total time.


If feeling very “burnt out” from the volume of the workout,use the time to roll out and static stretch instead.

12 hspu

45 sec rest

9 hspu

30 sec rest

6 hspu

15 sec rest

3 hspu

You may do any variation of hspu, push up, or hand release push up. The sets may not be broken so make sure the variation you choose you can go unbroken for each set after the prescribed rest.

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