Workout 6.16.17

Nickname: Time to move some weight…Giddy up sucka!

Cloud 9 CrossFit – CrossFit


3 Rounds

10 Jumping squats (with barbell)

10 GHD Hip Ext

200m Run

Specific Warmup

Review Hang Power Clean

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Hang Power Clean (Est 1RM)



Metcon (Time)


Deadlifts 275/185

200m Run with Plate between rounds 45/25
Stimulus <10mins. Short and Heavy. Athletes should have a heavy weight that they believe they can go close to unbroken. SCALE distance on the run if athletes go much over a minute, find a 1 min distance. The goal is a weighted run even if it is short. Scaled:
Option 1-225/155

Option 2-185/125, 25/10

Option 3- Consult Coach

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