Workout 8.11.17

Nickname: “Final Couplet”

Workout 8.8.17

Nickname: Old McDonald had a farm…and he was jacked!

Workout 8.7.17

Nickname: You ever been hit by a dump truck? You’re about to…

Workout 8.6.17

Nickname: Leverage

Workout 8.5.17

Nickname: Buddy System Saturday

Workout 8.4.17

Nickname: Fridays are for the Girls

Workout 8.3.17

Nickname: Rowing into the Weekend

Workout 8.2.17

Nickname: Buck Furpees

Workout 8.1.17

Nickname: Tuesdays are for Tacos and Snatches

Workout 7.31.17

Nickname: Kicking Monday in the Mouth

Workout 7.30.17

Nickname: Lair of the sawfish

Workout 7.29.17

Nickname: Cranberry Apple

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