Workout 7.28.17

Nickname: Holy Helen, Batman!

Workout 7.27.17

Nickname: I am the captain of my soul…

Workout 7.26.17

Nickname: Packed classes today…

Workout 7.25.17

Nickname: Hero WOD

Workout 7.24.17

Nickname: Calm before the storm…

Workout 7.23.17

Nickname: Sunday Funday

Workout 7.22.17

Nickname: Fitness for everyone!

Workout 7.21.17

Nickname: Fear not the beast on the hunt, but rather the beast within.

Workout 7.20.17

Nickname: But that’s a song for another time

Workout 7.19.17

Nickname: Pretty soon I’ll be so lonesome I could cry

Workout 7.18.17

Nickname: Paradise City where the grass is green

Workout 7.17.17

Nickname: Keep on living that teenage dream

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